EZYMovez Dance Fitness Instructor Profiles

Moving to Cockle Bay in 2013, I tried a Dance Fitness Class at the local school, meeting Elaine Zafra Yu, little did I know this was about to change my life.  Through these classes I gained confidence, lost weight, gained fitness, not to mention meeting some of the most amazing people. I wanted to be part of helping others to find themselves, friendship, fitness and the joy I had experienced. So in 2015 I decided to become a Dance Fitness Instructor and I haven’t looked back. To see the joy on students faces, to see the changes these classes make to peoples lives, and the friendships that have been built is just invaluable. In 2016 I embarked on taking my own Saturday Class, and in 2018 I will start a further class….. and so the journey continues. - Elaine

EZYMovez Classes with Elaine M - Saturday 8:30AM-9:30AM @ Howick Primary School

Hi, my name is Staci .  When I first attended dance fitness classes with Elaine Zafra Yu, I just wanted to have some fun and get a bit fitter.  A few years later and now EZYMovez is a big part of my life. With EZYMovez not only did I get I fitter and healthier, but I gained confidence and made many new friends.  In 2017 I trained as an EZYMovez instructor, an incredible opportunity and I have learnt so much.  I love the wide range of the music and dance styles, lots of variety so you never get bored.  EZYMovez is a great workout, you hardly notice you are exercising as it is so much fun.  You may walk into a class tired or stressed but I guarantee you will walk out with a smile on your face, feeling amazing.

EZYMovez Classes with Staci- Monday 10:00AM-11:00AM @ Glen House, Pakuranga + Friday 10:30AM-11:30AM @ Believe Dance Studio, Pakuranga


Hey hey hey, who would of thought that moving to Auckland, attending a dance fitness class could change my life. I began attending dance fitness classes way back in 2011, Wow what an impact that was, losing weight, gaining confedence, meeting new people and becoming an Instructor. Man you know being an Instructor is awesome, but being a good instructor is my gold, just to witness pure enjoy in your student and I believe Ezymovez is for you, so much fun, life, friendships and freedom, oh yeah and fitness, Hey don't take my word for it, come check it out yourself.... Nau Mai Haere Mai Whaanau, Kia ora, ko Michael toku ingoa. I am a EzymoveZ Instructor. - Michael

EZYMovez Classes with Michael and team Wednesday 6:15PM-7:15PM @ Hillpark Primary School, Manurewa


Fakaalofa lahi atu! My name is Lagatoa (Laga for short) and I was introduced to EZYMovez through my good friend Api who knew Jenny. Since starting with Elaine and EZYMovez it's been nothing but fun and laughter. If it were not for this awesome class I would be stuck at the gym (Boo!) lol. Since being with this crowd of awesome people I have been able to become more confident and have slowly made my way from the back of the class right up to the stage #CashMeAtEzymovez #HowBoutDat.

EZYMovez Classes with Laga and team Wednesday 6:15PM-7:15PM @ Hillpark Primary School, Manurewa


Kia ora whanau ko Richard Toku ingoa. Just a brief translation: Hi my name is Richard, I joined the EZYMovez whanau early this year as a student, going to my first EZYMovez class was something I never found in a gym or any type of Zumba, or a dance class in my life, and that was being inspired and motivated by the EZYMovez instructors. Which is hard to find around these parts to me personally, doesn't matter whether you can dance or not, or you have two left or two right feet, or that you have bad coordination. The most important thing is that your having fun and the fitness is a added bonus to it. Then when the opportunity to become an instructor came up, it was opportunity I couldn't resist taking because I wanted to become as a EZYMOvez instructor so that I can motivate students as well and meet new people along the way and connect to the community. My goal is to become a great instructor and a good role model for this generation and the next generation, as well as show that EZYMovez is not just for the wahine(woman) but for tane(men) as well of all ages. Tena koutou katoa.

EZYMovez Classes with Richard and team Wednesday 6:15PM-7:15PM @ Hillpark Primary School, Manurewa



Tena koutou! Ko Naysh Hetaraka-Shelford ahau. There are two things in life I hold close to my heart ‘my culture’ and ‘dance’.  Truly, there is no place I’d rather be than on the dance floor and having the time of my life with friends and whanau. I believe everything in life attaches to our soul, heart and minds and for me this sums up what EZYMovez provides for me and others I’m sure.  It was a few years ago when I first saw EZYMovez emerging but it was Elaine’s passion that struck me. Since then I knew I wanted to be a part of this dance programme. I respect Elaine’s leadership her passion, values, purpose and determination to develop a programme with integrity and humility. I love and appreciate how EZYMovez has this endearing quality which truly, truly brings people together. My testimony that I love to share about EZYMovez is every interaction with the team leaves you feeling equal and included. There’s no bells or whistles just pure dancing with some cool as peeps! I am grateful to be a part of this dance programme and can’t wait to see its evolution grow and grow. I have no doubts at all that EZYMovez will shine bright to every corner of nga hau e wha o Aotearoa and beyond for many, many years.  Nga mihi nui, tena koutou, tena koutou tena koutou katoa.

‘Ki a mau tatou ki nga akoranga hei oranga mo tatou katoa’

(May we continue to learn and grow together)

EZYMovez Classes with Naysh and Summer Saturday 10:30AM-11:30AM @ WestWave Sport and Recreation, Henderson 


My name is  Summer-Love  Erykah Bervang. What I love about being an EZYMovez instructor is I feel like I’m part of a big family who make me feel welcome every time.  I am very blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to be an EZYMovez instructor not only in dance but also socially.  I get to enjoy it with everyone even those close to my age.  Dancing for me started around age 5 when I attended classes in ballet, jazz and modern dance with Anjanettes School of dance academy. My favourite memory from that time was performing Aladdin with my dance group. In college I progressed into African dance and Hip hop whom I presented at my senior school show with 20 friends, which was totally mind blowing and awesome by the way. Since then I’ve followed my passion for dance and am now teaching dance with children in primary schools which is challenging and loud, but still loads of fun!  I am learning from everyone around me all the time and am excited to be part of the EZYMovez dance movement. Elaine inspires me! I love her encouragement and her motto ‘make it yours’.

EZYMovez Classes with Naysh and Summer Saturday 10:30AM-11:30AM @ WestWave Sport and Recreation, Henderson 


Hi my name is Heather and after attending Elaine’s classes since 2015, starting with Zumba and then U-jam, I finally took the plunge to becoming an EZYMovez instructor in 2017. Having a dance background, I was looking for something that was fun and energetic whilst still being a challenge and with Elaine I felt right at home. In fact, I couldn't stop smiling right through my first class! The philosophy of 'Make it yours' couldn't be truer as students are encouraged to add their own style - it's all about enjoying yourself whilst getting a great cardio workout. So, come and sweat it out with us and show us your smile!

Heather team teaches with Elaine Zafra Yu Monday 6:45PM-7:45PM @ Shelly Park School


Hi my name is Mel ! I have found love in loud, fun music and dance!I went along to a class as I could hear the music and gave it a try many years ago. I have never looked back, and 5 years down the track the journey that I have been on has been amazing. I would never have thought I would be here today, now an instructor inspiring others to come and give it a go. I still love every class and always leave with the biggest smile on my face. You will have fun, sweat, and increase your fitness. I’m sure if you love music and dance you will also love EZYMovez too!

Mel team teaches with Elaine Zafra Yu Tuesday 6:45PM-7:45PM @ Botany Primary School


Malo E Lelei, My Name is Jane Heenan . In 2017 I was introduced by my good friend and neighbor Staci to the Botany class, Although I liked it I never went back until 2018 almost a year later. Because I was going through some deep stuff at the time it was a distraction, then it became my solution. EZYMovez became a motivating thing for me and that was because of the love and support I got along the way. Elaine and the other instructors would encourage me to move out of my comfort zone and become an Instructor. I almost didn't but here I am. My motion is motivation, Self love and finding a better YOU. I really don't know why I didn't do this earlier because as mentioned EZYMovez became a solution for me. My love for dance fitness is beyond words and my self motivation rose because its not only fun it clears your mind. You definitely break a sweat and become more fit while you are having fun. Malo Aupito.

After initially being reluctant to try dance fitness, I hesitantly attended my first class with Elaine Zafra Yu in 2015. 3 years on and there is no looking back! The classes have helped improve my physical health, but also given me the confidence to step outside my comfort zone. Becoming an instructor is something I never thought I could do, but seeing the smiles on students faces, the friendships created, and helping others to achieve their goals makes the journey worthwhile. - Hayley



I have attended dance fitness classes since 2011 and still enjoy them but wanted more.  I started off with Zumba then UJam and became an instructor for both but they also came with limitations. I was after something more, something that would give me the freedom to make it my own and the ability to connect and communicate with people face to face, a program that comes from NZ!  I came across a dance fitness program called EZYMOVEZ!  I was hooked as soon the music started, I was so inspired that I attended workshops and went on to becoming an instructor in 2017.  EZYMOVEZ has given me the freedom of many dance styles, rhythms and encourages change. You too will embrace the founders passion, commitment and connection she has with her students and instructors.  Come and join us for life changing experiences, become inspired, passionate and have loads of fun while shaking your booty! - Niu


Whats up people!! I’ve finally came out of my shell or coconut hehe!! I’ve known Elaine for quite a while and she has taught me things that I didn’t know I will be able to do!! EZYMovez has shown me different genres of music and dance, and everytime I go to class I can’t wait to get up there and do what I like!! So don’t be afraid if you see me, say hi! I’ll see you at any of the EZYMovez classes!!   - Jenny



Hey my name is Ellie! I'm turning 24 this year and discovered my love of dance fitness when I was 18! Being a student in ezymovez classes quickly became a highlight of my week and I learned so much from Elaine. When the opportunity came up to learn more as an instructor I was super keen to get involved and become more aware of techniques! I love dance fitness because it allows me to let loose, work out, and have fun with awesome people. I've seen huge benefits in many aspects of life from it.(And with my serious love of chocolate it's good to have a balance!) My full time work is videography and editing so I love being creative, and when I have the chance I love to travel and explore new places! 


Hi my name is Anne . I have been attending Elaine’s Dance Fitness classes since 2011. While I was initially hanging out at the back of the class where nobody could see me, with encouragement from Elaine I found myself working my way towards the front of the class. Then, when the opportunity arose in 2017 to become an EZYMovez Dance Fitness Instructor, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and take the Instructor Training. I have gained so many physical and mental health benefits over the years from attending classes, and I have met the most amazing people, resulting in an incredible social life filled with heaps of fun, laughter and dancing. No matter your age it’s never too late to get started! 


Hi my name is  Marlina , I have been a part of EZYMovez since mid 2017. I had a couple of months off due to knee surgery in late July but was back to class asap and then took the leap to become an EZYMovez Instructor.  EZYMovez has rekindled my passion for dance and I hope to be able to share that with others.  ‘Make it Yours’!


2017 was a year of discovery for me. I was fed up with being sick and overweight and I decided to do something about. I was introduced to Ezymovez and loved it from the start.  When the opportunity came up to become an instructor I had serious doubts that I could do it with my weight and my disabilities but, with Elaine’s encouragement, I faced my fears and I did.  I also lost 45kg and Ezymovez was a big part of that. Part of the reason that I became an instructor is that I want to prove is that if you love something and have enough passion for it you can make it happen.   - Muriel


My name is Kazuko . I grew up in Japan, but I am currently living in Auckland and have been attending Elaine’s classes for 5 years. I always have so much fun and burn heaps of calories! I was looking for support to improve my technique and I found this with EZYMovez. You will learn a lot, so I highly recommend that you come and check out the classes and sign up for upcoming workshops!