"I started going to Elaine's classes 2 and a half years ago now, it was the best discovery we ever made in terms of fitness. As soon as you walk in the door you are greeted by a friendly instructor and friendly atmosphere - she is an instructor that goes above and beyond for her students and is always open to welcoming new students no matter your size, age, gender or fitness level it is for everyone. I highly recommend that you attend an EZYMovez Dance Fitness class, I can guarantee that once you start you won't want to stop." - Sheridan 

“Elaine's consistently positive attitude and energy encourages us to keep coming back for more, even mature participants! She is welcoming to all and really cares for her students no matter the level of ability. Great music, great movez.” - Wendy

"I have been dancing with Elaine for the last 7 years and I'm happy and excited that she has started her own dance fitness program.  She now has her choice of music and her own choreography and because she is an excellent dancer it's always interesting and exciting to see what she's got for her classes And because she is passionate about dancing she will always keep a high standard when it comes to her classes. And because I love to dance I can't wait to come to class and rock it out.... all the time.  :). Well done and keep on dancing!!!" - Deanna

"A couple of years ago I thought it could be fun to try dance fitness and I gave Elaine’s class a go. Fast forward to now and ezymoves is such a super fun part of my week! My eldest daughter and I come to class together. We love attending Elaine’s high energy classes - she’s an amazing instructor! She's got a heart of gold and her classes bring together a wonderful community of people from many different cultures and ages. Always lots of laughs, and always a BIG workout - while having lots of fun to great music - what could be better?! I’d encourage anyone and everyone to give it a go!" - Nicola

​​“My son Ian and I love EZYMovez - Elaine is a vibrantly amazing dancer and instructor one of the best I've seen! She has a big heart and treats everyone with joy, kindness and makes us feel at ease. I can recommend this dance fitness class! You will not regret it and will leave you feeling great! thank you guys!” - Lucy

"I love the combination of flavours brought to EZYMovez by Elaine Zafra Yu. I love her passion, high energy and sense of humour. Apart from a great workout, they make me laugh.​" - Anne

"Oh my goodness how glad am I to have found EZYMovez Dance Fitness! Being the kinda person that isn't overly keen on getting hot and sweaty, I actually look forward to my EZYMovez work out and go out of my way to make my schedule fit so I can get my dance on after work! The beautiful, talented and humble Elaine is so encouraging and is a testament to the friendly non judgemental and crazy fun environment that is EZYMoves! I would recommend EZYMoves to anyone who enjoys music, moving those hips, meeting wonderful people and having a great time all while burning some calories through a high energy workout! The sweat is worth it!" - Kimberley

"EZYMovez Dance Fitness is an absolutely first class dancing exercise, it covers every place under the sun dance movements and presented to you with love and care hehehe I love it !!! ....Every time I shake my bootie at EZYMovez Dance Fitness, I go home feeling satisfied and happy 'coz I really had a very good workout. I wish you all the best ...God bless ...Floor Sweeper" - Sina

"EZYMovez dance fitness is a place to let loose, have fun, work out in a welcoming and buzzing space, and make friends with people in the community. When I started it was just a once a week thing, but before long that turned into 3 to 4 times a week as I just could not get enough!! I found a real happy place dancing with such amazing people. Elaine is immensely passionate about what she does, and is the most joyful and genuine person who has infectious enthusiasm and the most crazy laugh that will just make you laugh even harder. I consider myself so lucky to have crossed paths with her. EZYMovez dance fitness really is a special programme, and is the perfect and welcomed addition to the dance fitness industry. Beautiful people, with a passion and talent that the world needs to share." - Ellie

"So they call me smiley as they say I'm always smiling as I just love EZYMovez so much. We had an Xmas Do (yes these are fun too) and I got a prize for the most smiley person although I do just love life this is my happy place I love it so much it's my release, and my friends, and Elaine is just the best. All you need to do is just try, it's so ezy" - Melissa