Introducing our EZYMovez Dance Fitness Instructors...

All our instructors are passionate about dance fitness and create welcoming and inclusive environments in their classes! 

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  • Elaine Magee
  • Staci McLean
  • Michael Taaka
  • Laga Lagatule
  • Richard Ngapera
  • Jane Heenan
  • Naysh Hetaraka-Shelford
  • Summer-Love Bervang
  • Heather Kentsley
  • Melissa Reid
  • Hayley Sparks
  • Jenny Ili
  • Anne Bray
  • Niu Nelson
  • Kazuko Mori
  • Muriel Tuiletufuga
Hayley Sparks

Hayley Sparks

After initially being reluctant to try dance fitness, I hesitantly attended my first class with Elaine Zafra Yu in 2015. 3 years on and there is no looking back! The classes have helped improve my physical health, but also given me the confidence to step outside my comfort zone. Becoming an instructor is something I never thought I could do, but seeing the smiles on students faces, the friendships created, and helping others to achieve their goals makes the journey worthwhile.