Introducing our EZYMovez Dance Fitness Instructors...

All our instructors are passionate about dance fitness and create welcoming and inclusive environments in their classes! 

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  • Elaine Magee
  • Staci McLean
  • Michael Taaka
  • Laga Lagatule
  • Richard Ngapera
  • Jane Heenan
  • Naysh Hetaraka-Shelford
  • Summer-Love Bervang
  • Heather Kentsley
  • Melissa Reid
  • Hayley Sparks
  • Jenny Ili
  • Anne Bray
  • Niu Nelson
  • Kazuko Mori
  • Muriel Tuiletufuga
Summer-Love Bervang

Summer-Love Bervang

EZYMovez Classes with Naysh and Summer Saturday 10:30AM-11:30AM @ WestWave Sport and Recreation, Henderson 

My name is  Summer-Love Erykah Bervang. What I love about being an EZYMovez instructor is I feel like I’m part of a big family who make me feel welcome every time.  I am very blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to be an EZYMovez instructor not only in dance but also socially.  I get to enjoy it with everyone even those close to my age.  Dancing for me started around age 5 when I attended classes in ballet, jazz and modern dance with Anjanettes School of dance academy. My favourite memory from that time was performing Aladdin with my dance group. In college I progressed into African dance and Hip hop whom I presented at my senior school show with 20 friends, which was totally mind blowing and awesome by the way. Since then I’ve followed my passion for dance and am now teaching dance with children in primary schools which is challenging and loud, but still loads of fun!  I am learning from everyone around me all the time and am excited to be part of the EZYMovez dance movement. Elaine inspires me! I love her encouragement and her motto ‘make it yours’.