Introducing our EZYMovez Dance Fitness Instructors...

All our instructors are passionate about dance fitness and create welcoming and inclusive environments in their classes! 

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  • Elaine Magee
  • Staci McLean
  • Michael Taaka
  • Laga Lagatule
  • Richard Ngapera
  • Jane Heenan
  • Naysh Hetaraka-Shelford
  • Summer-Love Bervang
  • Heather Kentsley
  • Melissa Reid
  • Hayley Sparks
  • Jenny Ili
  • Anne Bray
  • Niu Nelson
  • Kazuko Mori
  • Muriel Tuiletufuga
Richard Ngapera

Richard Ngapera

EZYMovez Classes with Richard and Jane, Wednesday 6:45PM-7:45PM @ Bailey Road School, Mt Wellington (from 27th Match 2019)

Kia ora whanau ko Richard Toku ingoa. Just a brief translation: Hi my name is Richard, I joined the EZYMovez whanau early this year as a student, going to my first EZYMovez class was something I never found in a gym or any type of Zumba, or a dance class in my life, and that was being inspired and motivated by the EZYMovez instructors. Which is hard to find around these parts to me personally, doesn't matter whether you can dance or not, or you have two left or two right feet, or that you have bad coordination. The most important thing is that your having fun and the fitness is a added bonus to it. Then when the opportunity to become an instructor came up, it was opportunity I couldn't resist taking because I wanted to become as a EZYMOvez instructor so that I can motivate students as well and meet new people along the way and connect to the community. My goal is to become a great instructor and a good role model for this generation and the next generation, as well as show that EZYMovez is not just for the wahine(woman) but for tane(men) as well of all ages. Tena koutou katoa.